The vocabulary of CAVA

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Seco: Cava with a sugar content of between 17 and 32 grams per litre
Second fermentation: this fermentation takes place inside the bottle, once the liqueur and the yeast have been added. This is when the bubbles are formed, and is a defining stage of the traditional method.
Semi Seco: Cava with a quantity of sugar between 32 and 50 grams per litre.
Settling (desfangado): the process of cleaning the must of solid substances (grape seeds, pulp etc.) or separating it from these solid materials by sedimentation.
Subirat Parent: a white grape variety also known as Malvasia or Alarije, characterised by the slightly reddish tone of the berries when ripe. This variety is increasingly used in the production of sweet or semi-sweet Cavas.
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