Origin: from the vine to the glass

  • cava viñedo

Origin: from the vine to the glass

Vendimia cava

A cycle of growth, nurturing and skilled production

The vineyard, the landscape, the climate, and the terroir are the four essential elements in the origin of Cava. The grapes grow under the watchful eye of the winemaker, as their growth cycle develops from budding shoot to mature fruit, with the careful nurturing required in each season of the year. This is merely the beginning of a complex and fascinating process: the end result is a high-quality sparkling wine, capable of seducing a wide variety of palates.

The growth cycles of the vines fill the landscape with colour as the seasons pass, marking the different stages and processes that need constant human oversight. Everything must follow its correct course to ensure the quality of the fruit, which is the essence of, and indispensable ingredient for, a great Cava. At the same time, the land is always treated with the utmost respect, and is managed sustainably.

Of course, the culmination of all these factors is the harvest, the moment when the grapes reach maturity; each variety has its own peculiarities and rhythms. This is followed by the production process: the great secret of Cava, and what sets it apart from most other sparkling wines around the world. This traditional method is what confers on Cava its main characteristics, and its excellence.

Bodega cava
The Traditional Method

"Cava is distinct from most other sparkling wines around the world due to its production process. Also known as méthode champenoise, from its French origins, the “traditional method” is differentiated from other systems by a second fermentation in the bottle."

Cava Label

What does the label tell us?

Certain information must be included on the label: in addition to informing the consumer, this also serves as a guarantee to mark out Cava from other sparkling wines, as well as making it easy to choose the right type of Cava to suit the occasion.

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