The vocabulary of CAVA

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Capsule: a foil cap that covers the cork and the neck of the bottle, or part of it.
Cava: quality Spanish sparkling wine with Protected Designation of Origin Cava (P.D.O.), made using the traditional method, which involves a second fermentation, aging and disgorging in the same bottle that reaches the consumer.
Cava Cork: a mushroom-shaped cork made up of two different materials: the main body is made of technical cork, a dense agglomerated material, with natural cork discs on the end that is in contact with the wine.
Clarification: the traditional method for clarifying wine by adding different substances, such as egg white, gelatine, etc. On contact with the wine, these substances coagulate and catch suspended particles, separating them from the liquid. These particles are then removed from the wine, thereby ensuring its cleanliness and clarity.
Crown: the effect produced in the glass when the Cava bubbles reach the surface, persist and accumulate, partially or totally occupying the surface.
Crown Cap: a small metal cap used to seal the Cava hermetically during the production process, preventing pressure inside the bottle from expelling the liquid. The cap has a plastic pot underneath called an underbung, for catching sediment during the second fermentation, thereby simplifying the disgorgement. This type of cap is used specifically for closing bottles of sparkling wine.
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