Semi Seco

The type of Cava which accompanied family meals for years, due to its extreme versatility, but the added sugar makes it perfect for pairing with desserts.

0-3 G/L
0-6 G/L
Max.12 G/L
12-17 G/L
17-32 G/L
32-50 G/L
+50 G/L

Sugar content

32 -50 grams per litre


Ideal with desserts

Categories of Cava

Cava de Guarda
Cava de Guarda Superior

Why the dosage makes all the difference


The sugar content, or “dosage”, in the licor de expedición (expedition liqueur) is what determines the final profile of the Cava. In general terms, this liqueur is a mix of base wine and sugar, but beyond this common starting point, a multitude of possible variations exists.

The amount of sugar in the expedition liqueur is what makes each bottle of Cava different, in that it adds a touch of personality. Every dosage is a specific formula, and is one of the most closely guarded secrets of winemakers, as it makes their product unique. The dosage is always different, based on the type of sugar (such as cane sugar or enriched must) and on the base wine to which it is added (whether aged in the barrel or not, for example). Another possibility is not adding any sugar, or adding it in different quantities.

This dosage determines the style or type of Cava, from the driest (without added sugar), Brut Nature, to Dulce - the sweetest. Plus, of course, all the other styles (Extra Brut, Brut, Extra Seco, Seco, Semi Seco), which add versatility to this drink, and therefore wider gastronomic potential in terms of the fine art of pairing.

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