Discover how to enhance every occasion with CAVA

  • copa de cava

Discover how to enhance every occasion with CAVA

copa de cava
Receta de Poke hawaiano con atún maridada con Cava de Guarda

Bubbles of joy

A few seconds of silence… that sense of expectation when a bottle of Cava is about to be opened... then the cork comes out - pop! - a sound inextricably linked with joy.

No matter the time or place, this quality Spanish sparkling wine makes every occasion special. Whether it’s a big party or an intimate evening for two, the magic of Cava never fails to bestow an aura of happiness.

A delight for the senses: the look, smell, and flavour of Cava tempt us to taste and share this wine with our nearest and dearest. Those precious bubbles, flowing from bottle to glass, make us feel glad to be alive, to be present and savour the moment. Seize the opportunity to create your own celebration!

Best of all, there is a Cava for every occasion: from light and refreshing for sunny days and nights, to complex gastronomic Cavas to pair with a delicious dish in good company. Versatility is an essential characteristic of this sparkling wine, and one of its best qualities. It is exceedingly well suited for pairing: rice, meat and fish dishes can be matched with a wide variety of Cavas.

Cava is vibrant, with a brightness that brings energy to your day: a perfectly balanced menu from beginning to end. The favourite choice for a get-together of old friends, this is the bottle that you have saved for a special occasion - to celebrate life.

So savour those bubbles of joy!

Recipes of the world paired with Cava

Receta de Pavo de Acción de Gracias y Maridaje con Cava Gran Reserva

Thanksgiving Turkey

Cava Gran Reserva
Cava Reserva y Tortilla de patata española

Spanish Omelette

Cava Reserva
Recetas Japonesas y Sushi para Navidady maridaje con Cava

Japanese recipes

Cava de Guarda
Receta de Redondo de Ternera con panceta ibérica, ciruelas y setas para Navidad maridada con Cava de Paraje Calificado.jpg

Stuffed topside of beef

Cava de Paraje Calificado

The versatility of Cava

Cava Cocktails

Cava cocktail
Cava Cocktails

Pomegranate Cocktail

Cava cocktail
Cava Cocktails

Black Velvet Cocktail

Cava cocktail
Cava Cocktails

Mimosa Margarita

Cava cocktail
Cava Cocktails

Rossini Cocktail

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