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International Cava Day unites with design for a second year

Tue, 02 Jul 2024 |
D.O. Cava

The Cava Crown Cap Design Contest returns, aiming to attract both aficionados and professionals of creative design, forging a link between the worlds of Cava and art.

To celebrate International Cava Day, a global digital initiative that connects Cava with the world of art is being held for the second year. The Cava Design Contest is the creative concept of the campaign to promote International Cava Day. The idea is to create an international graphic design competition under the hashtag #CavaDesignContest. A jury will vote for the best design for a limited-edition Cava crown cap. Any web user who is interested in graphic design and/or has the relevant skills can take part. The winning proposal will be brought to life in a limited edition of D.O. bottles that will bring the winner visibility and recognition. The artist will receive an exclusive edition Cavas set with their own crown cap design, and will be mentioned in the D.O. CAVA’s various communication channels.


In this graphic design competition, which was first held last year, the jury will vote for the most original design of a Cava crown cap. This jury comprises the CAVA D.O. and the popular designer María Diamantes, renowned for her style characterised by simple, striking silhouettes in a reduced colour palette. Entries to the competition will open on 12 July (International Cava Day) and will close on 22 July. The winner will be announced on 26 July.

The aim is to involve both those with graphic design skills and keen amateurs. Cava crown caps, which have even been produced in silver and gold, are highly sought-after by collectors, so this initiative intends to inspire exciting original designs by Cava-lovers.

The competition has been launched on the D.O. CAVA’s various social channels, specifying the use of the hashtag #CavaDesignContest. Participation will be channelled through the D.O. website and designs can be sent by the following form:

In last year's edition of the competition, up to 35 Cava crown cap designs were submitted and Anthony Weber was proclaimed the winner. The D.O. CAVA produced a limited edition of 1,600 bottles of Cava de Guarda Superior with the crown cap designed by Anthony Weber.

D.O. CAVA, commitment to origin, land and sustainability

With more than 70% of international sales, CAVA is one of the Spanish D.O.s that exports the most. The Cava industry has more than 38,000 hectares of vineyards and more than 6,200 winegrowers. Its 349 associated wineries are present in more than 100 countries. Cava, which pairs harmoniously with every type of gastronomy, is made using the traditional method, with a strict commitment to origin, land and sustainability.

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