The vocabulary of CAVA

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Base wine: still wine from which Cava is made
Blanc de blancs: white Cava made from white grape varieties
Blanc de noirs: white Cava made from red grape varieties
Blending: mixing the different wines, after the fermentation of the must, to obtain a certain type of Cava. They can be coupages of wines from different plots of land, different pressings, different grape varieties, vintages, etc.
Brut Nature: Cava without added sugar in the expedition liqueur that is used to top up the bottle after disgorging. Brut Nature Cavas can have up to 3 grams of sugar per litre that is naturally occurring, i.e. not added. This is the driest type of Cava.
Brut Nature: Cava with up to 12 grams of sugar added per litre at the time of disgorgement.
Bubble: a globule of carbon dioxide in the wine. In the case of Cava, the bubbles are produced during the second fermentation in the bottle.
Bud: the structures of the plant's aerial growth, responsible for regulating the kilos of grapes (bunches) per vine and hectare. In late winter or early spring, each of these buds will produce new shoots with their respective leaves, tendrils and inflorescences.
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