The vocabulary of CAVA

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Effervescence: the effect generated at the moment of serving a glass of Cava; the release of carbon dioxide gas in the form of bubbles. In Cava, the formation of carbon dioxide gas occurs inside the bottle as a result of the second fermentation.
En rima: the way in which the bottles are arranged to carry out the aging process (second fermentation and aging): they are placed horizontally and top-to-toe.
Expedition liqueur (licor de expedicion): a mixture of wine and sugar introduced into the Cava after disgorging. The amount of sugar introduced will determine the type: Brut Nature, Extra Brut, Brut, etc.
Extra Brut: Cavas with a sugar content of up to 6 grams per litre.
Extra Seco: Cavas with a quantity of sugar of between 12 and 17 grams per litre.
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