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On this website, cookies and similar technologies ("cookies") are used for (limited) functional and analytical purposes, such as ensuring security, preventing fraud and detecting errors, as well as technically delivering advertisements or content. They are necessary for the website to function properly, to measure the use of the website, and to improve our services.

In addition, we and third parties use cookies for the following purposes, with your permission. You can specify below  whether or not you give your consent for each purpose.

  • Storage and/or access to information on a device

Cookies, device identifiers or other information may be stored or accessed on your devices

  • Advertising and content measurement, audience and product knowledge

The performance of advertising and content can be measured. Information can be obtained about the audience that has seen the content. The data can be used to create or improve the user experience, systems and software.

  • Social Media Communication (Social Media Channels)

These cookies allow you to "like" or share the content of our website/application through social media. Please note that social media parties may also use the information they collect through these cookies (e.g., your browsing habits) to build a profile of you and display specific content or advertisements.

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