The origin of CAVA

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The origins of Cava lie in the winemaking area of Penedés, especially in the town of San Sadurní d’Anoia and its surroundings, which has earned the title of Cava capital. However, for historical reasons, Cava can also be made in certain other towns and regions.

There are four main areas of the D.O. (Designation of Origin) Cava to highlight.

Discover the Zones of Cava

The Cava sub-zones

In 2020, with the aim of tracing even more clearly the origin of Cava, sub-zones have been approved. This way, the provenance of the product can be precisely pinpointed, thereby enriching the experience of each glass of Cava: you can taste the notes added by the soil and the richness of the local microclimate where the wine was made.

The Cava Regulatory Board has approved the new zoning system in 2020 and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food in 2021.

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