The label: the visible identity of CAVA

As well as the design of the Cava bottle, its label can also tell us if we’re looking at sparkling wine made using the traditional method. But in addition, the label makes it easy to distinguish exactly what type of product we are going to taste before we uncork the wine, in terms of aging, sugar content… in short, information about its profile and provenance. Here is what to look for on a Cava label.

Note: the label shown is not real, but a representative example. Each winery personalises its own labels with both obligatory and optional information, as explained below

What does the label on a bottle of Cava tell us?

Certain information must be included on the label: in addition to informing the consumer, this also serves as a guarantee to mark out Cava from other sparkling wines, as well as making it easy to choose the right type of Cava to suit the occasion.

Other information that is not essential, but which give us more in-depth knowledge of Cava

Colour of the wine

Indicates the specific colour of the Cava in the bottle. This could be

Blanco (white), Blanco de uva blanca (also Blanc de blancs), Blanco de uva tinta (or Blanc de noirs), or Rosado (rose).

Prizes and awards

Date of disgorgement

Tasting notes

How can you be sure that your CAVA is authentic?

The quality label that we can find on the bottle is called a marchamo, this represent the seal that guarantees the origin and quality of the wine certified by the Cava Regulatory Council.


With a minimum of 9 months aging, this is the youngest of the Cavas. It can be identified by the green marchamo.


This category includes all Premium Cavas, with a minimum of 18 months aging. It can be identified by the silver and gold marchamo. There are 3 categories of Cava de Guarda Superior: Reserva, Gran Reserva and Paraje Calificado.


Cava de Guarda

Green marchamo. With a minimum of 9 months of aging, it is the youngest of the Cavas.



Silver marchamo. Minimum 18 months aging.


Gran Reserva

Gold marchamo. Minimum 30 months aging.

cava de paraje

Cava de Paraje Calificado

Minimum 36 months aging. Gold marchamo in rhomboid shape, with P (for Paraje) and “Cava de Paraje Calificado”.

Integral Producer Stamp


This year, in 2020, a new stamp has been created: the mark of “Integral Producer”. This stamp enables the customer to identify more easily those wineries of the D.O. Cava that carry out the entire Cava production process, from vinification to bottling, on their own estate. Cava lovers can thereby have confidence when seeking Cavas that are 100% pressed and vinified on the winery’s property, by choosing the bottles that bear this stamp.

Corcho Cava 5

The four-pointed star, a mark of tradition and authenticity

Corcho Cava 5

A sacred symbol of harmony, the four-pointed star is used in Cava as a further mark of authenticity. This seal of tradition is located on the cork.

Although most Cavas use a metal crown cap until disgorgement, all of them must be marketed with a cork stopper. This is characterised by, among other things, its mushroom shape, which allows the cork to withstand the pressure exerted inside the bottle. The four-pointed star is the unmistakable symbol indicating that the product has been made using the traditional method, with the second fermentation in the same bottle that reaches the consumer.

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