CAVA, synonymous with excellence & versatility

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CAVA, synonymous with excellence & versatility

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Authenticity, unique terroir, craftsmanship, traditional method, and Mediterranean flavour.

Cava is synonymous with excellence, and its high standard is achieved thanks to the authenticity guaranteed by the production process.

In addition, the traditional method offers a range of different categories and types of this quality sparkling wine, depending on the aging and sugar content. Thanks to all these criteria, Cava is one of the most versatile drinks in the world.

Aging categories: Cava de Guarda and Cava de Guarda Superior

As well as the assurance of quality provided by the traditional method, now you can also choose from a higher classification of wine with a greater degree of refinement, thanks to the introduction of two new categories: Cava de Guarda and Guarda Superior.

With this new classification system, the origin of each of these exquisite treasures can be traced even more effectively, and the different categories of Cava more clearly identified, according to their aging. The unique system places D.O. (Designation of Origin) Cava at the vanguard of quality sparkling wines made using the traditional method.

Sampling these categories of Cava, you can discover a whole world of taste and technical mastery - the decision that decrees the aging of each bottle in the cava, or cellar. The aging time is the factor that dictates the category: Cava de Guarda, with a minimum of 9 months; Cava de Guarda Superior, with reposo of either more than 18 months (Reserva), 30 months (Gran Reserva), or the highly prestigious Cava de Paraje Calificado, aged for more than 36 months.

In short, there is a multitude of options to enjoy, not just in terms of the quality of Cava, but its infinite options for pairing.

Categories of Cava



+ 9 months
Cava de Guarda

Cava Reserva

+ 18 months
Cava de Guarda Superior

Cava Gran Reserva

+ 30 months
Cava de Guarda Superior
Cava de Paraje

Cava de Paraje Calificado

+ 36 months
Cava de Guarda Superior
Types of Cava

From dry Brut Nature to sweet Dulce

The versatility of this Spanish quality sparkling wine is further enhanced by the range of different types of Cava permitted, in terms of added sugar. In each category, you can also choose according to type: from dry Brut Nature - without any added sugar, to sweet Cava Dulce - ideal to sip after a meal; you can enjoy a wide gamut of options which embraces Brut, Extra Brut, Semi Seco and Seco. The longer aged categories of Gran Reserva and Cava de Paraje only come in dry Brut types (Brut Nature, Extra Brut and Brut).

0-3 G/L
0-6 G/L
Max.12 G/L
12-17 G/L
17-32 G/L
32-50 G/L
+50 G/L
Cava rosado
Rosé Cava

Even though it is made using the same method and classification (except for Cava de Paraje), Rosé Cava (Cava Rosado) deserves a special mention.

More and more people are falling in love with rosé bubbles.

copa de cava
What is the ideal glass for serving Cava?

Tulip glasses are the best for enjoying Cava’s aromatic expression

Flute glasses always bring out the sensation of acidity and freshness

Wide glasses retain gas for a shorter time, so avoid them if you want the bubbles to stay in the Cava while you’re drinking it

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