The vocabulary of CAVA

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Rear Label: This label is on the rear of the Cava bottle, and may carry information such as the bottler's registration number and location, alcohol content, allergens and sulphites, as well as grape varieties, tasting notes, etc.
Reserva: Cava with a minimum of 15 months aging “en rima” (horizontally). The Regulatory Council has approved that the minimum aging period for Reserva Cava will be increased to 18 months in 2020.
Residual sugar: the sugar that remains in the wine after fermentation.
Rosary: the name given to the lines of bubbles that rise from the bottom of the glass.
Rosé (Rosado, Cava): this pink sparkling wine gets its colour from the skins of red grapes, which make brief contact with the must. From this point, the same production process is used as with the other types of Cava, following the traditional or champagne method.
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