The vocabulary of CAVA

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Gran Reserva:: a Cava that has been aged for a minimum of 30 months. With pale golden tones and a great deal of complexity in taste, Gran Reserva is made only from Cavas Brut.
Guarda (Cava): the youngest category of this quality Spanish sparkling wine. Made using the traditional method, it must be aged in the bottle for a minimum of nine months.
Guarda Superior (Cava): the categories of Cava which have a longer aging period: Reserva (minimum 15 months), Gran Reserva (minimum 30 months), and Paraje Calificado (minimum 36 months).
Gyropalette: a machine used in the production of Cava, to turn the bottles in order to facilitate the elimination of dead yeast. The bottles are placed in metal cages and are gradually rotated and tilted by the gyropalette, until they reach a vertical position. In this way, the yeast is moved down to the bottleneck; the next stage is disgorgement when the yeast is removed.
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