Cava corcho

Guarantee of quality

Cava corcho

Find out everything you need to know about the Cava Regulatory Board: this body awards the seal that certifies each bottle of D.O. Cava, according to strict regulations.

Meet the people who work tirelessly towards quality control and continuous improvement of the product, thereby preserving the excellence of this Mediterranean-influenced Spanish sparkling wine, made using the traditional method. An exciting story of the respect for the natural environment that highlights this region, and the board’s commitment to preserving the highest standard of Cava.

Cava copa
Cava Academy

The main objective of the Cava Academy is to train professionals in the world of wine, as well as Cava lovers, to enable them to acquire a deeper understanding of Cava.

Supervised by the Regulatory Board, together with expert Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers, the Cava Academy offers a three-day programme in an exclusive training calendar.

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