The story of CAVA is one of triumph over adversity

Cava came about as a result of the effort, ingenuity and creativity shown by a group of Catalan wine-makers and producers. After the disastrous phylloxera epidemic of the mid-19th century, they decided to make a new start. Today everyone who toasts and celebrates with this sparkling wine, made using the traditional method, continues to enjoy the fruits of labour of these winemaking pioneers. Thanks to the tenacity and rigour of contemporary Cava producers, every year these wines improve in both quality and international renown.

The story begins, as all the best ones do, in a small place with a great winemaking tradition: a land of Catalan farmers with a desire to discover and investigate. The other key factor was three main grape varieties: Macabeu, Xarel·lo and Parellada, a trilogy which defined and differentiated this sparkling wine, later named Cava.

consejo regulador del cava

The traditional method arrives

Sant Sadurní d’Anoia produces the first bottles made using the traditional method, with the second fermentation in the bottle.
consejo regulador del cava

From a plague comes an opportunity

Phylloxera devastates the vineyards of Penedés, prompting new research and studies looking for solutions. Some of the most established winery owners in the area decide to invest in substituting red grapes for local high-quality white varieties. Their decision triggers the development of Cava, and the wine starts to acquire its own personality.
consejo regulador del cava

Royal recognition

The visit by King Alfonso XIII to Penedés signifies an important recognition of the region’s sparkling wines, elevating them to a category of high quality.
consejo regulador del cava

Home-grown bubbly...

According to statistics from the time, production of sparkling wines made in Spain overtakes imports from abroad.
consejo regulador del cava

and it’s called CAVA

The name Cava appears for the first time in an official document. This will become the first Spanish legislation about sparkling wine.
consejo regulador del cava

A guarantee of protection

The Regulatory Council of Sparkling Wines is established and approves the denomination “Cava” when referring to Spanish sparkling wine.
consejo regulador del cava

Demarcate to protect

The Cava region is legally established and the name is reserved for quality sparkling wines made using the traditional method. The ministerial order of 27 February 1986 demarcates the production zones; within these it names “la Región Determinada del Cava” (the Designated Cava Region), still defined in the current regulations.
Cava marchamos 2.png

New regulations

In the ministerial order of 14 November 1991, the current Regulations of the Designation of Origin (D.O.) Cava and its Regulatory Council are approved.
cava de paraje

The name for singularity and excellence

A new category is established, Cava de Paraje Calificado. A recognition of the singularity and excellence of exceptional vineyards, where winemakers use small, demarcated plots.
copa de cava

Specific areas for Paraje Calificado

Recognition of particular parajes calificados within the Cava Protected Designation of Origin.
logo Do Cava

A constantly improving outlook

The Cava Regulatory Council unanimously approved the new zoning and quality segmentation of the Cava DO, in order to protect the uniqueness and authenticity of the product, and to improve traceability. D.O. Cava Launches a New Website and Increases the Profile of Quality Cava, the new website is part of full corporate rebranding.

Awaiting a historic year

D.O. prepares to implement a new digital traceability platform which encompasses the recently launched specifications and offers consumers the maximum guarantees. 2021 will be another key year for D.O. Cava, with a historic harvest: the first with the new zoning and segmentation in place.

Cava is at the forefront of appellations of origin

The new quality seals are launched, a further step to clearly identify the different categories, highlighting their richness and diversity. The Cava D.O. is moving towards organic production, for a more sustainable and respectful world. It is committed to 100% organic production in the Guarda Superior segment from 2025.
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