The vocabulary of CAVA

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Macabeo: one of the three grape varieties that make up the triumvirate of Cava, together with Xarel-lo and Parellada, and the most widely planted within the denomination. This variety produces wines with a slightly floral character, which are fine, elegant and well-balanced. Rich in sugar and moderate in acidity, Macabeo is also highly appreciated for its good aging capacity.
Mildew: a disease of the vine caused by the Plasmopara viticola fungus that affects the leaves, stems, and bunches of grapes. The symptoms are oily spots on the leaves, with a yellow to reddish-brown colour. The spores of the fungus typically appear on the underside of the leaves in a dense, white formation. It is also known as downy mildew.
Muzzle (morrion): a wire cage that is placed around the cork to hold it into the bottle, ensuring that it is not expelled by the pressure inside.
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