Cava de Guarda
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Cava de Guarda

Cava de Guarda botella.png
Cava de Guarda botella.png

Types of Cava

According to the sugar content (grams per litre)

0-3 G/L
0-6 G/L
Max.12 G/L
12-17 G/L
17-32 G/L
32-50 G/L
+50 G/L

Tasting notes

Straw yellow with green highlights.
Aromatic, fruity and citric. Traces of aniseed.
A fresh Cava, fruity and very pleasant in the mouth, light and tasty thanks to the fine balance between acidity and fruit. The bubbles are crisp and very present.

Dominant aromatic profiles

Aromatic Profile DO CAVA Acacia.png
Aromatic Profile DO CAVA Apple.png
Aromatic Profile DO CAVA Apple-bloom.png
Apple Bloom
+9 months

Cava de Guarda

This category of Cava is characterised by nine months aging in the bottle. After this period of time, the wine develops certain nuances, aromas and intrinsic characteristics that are different and more complex than when it was bottled, so that you can enjoy it in its optimum state. Since the main criterion of Cava is its aging time in the bottle, following the traditional method, the concept of “Guarda” refers to the capacity of a wine with the appropriate characteristics for aging correctly.

Among the necessary characteristics for a wine to be considered a Cava de Guarda, we must take into account the polyphenols, the acidity, the pH, the alcoholic content and even the type (or types) of grapes from which the wine has been produced.

Cava de Guarda is the new nomenclature, approved in July 2020 by a plenary session of the D.O. Cava Regulatory Council. The purpose of creating this new category was so that consumers can identify more easily the different types of Cava currently available on the market, and can therefore make a more informed choice.

So if you are looking for a Cava that is fresh, fruity and full of vitality, a Cava de Guarda is the ideal option.

Cava bodega

Sparkling wines made using the traditional method are characterised by a second fermentation in the bottle, during which molecules of CO2, which produce the effervescence, are released. This method is a quality factor shared by the great sparkling wines of the world.


The guarantee of a quality label

The seal or control label is in itself the only guarantee of quality certified by the D.O. Cava, which helps us to distinguish Cava from other sparkling wines.

After being subjected to strict quality controls during the whole process, the seal is the distinctive mark that is granted not only to facilitate the recognition of the Cava category, but it is also a guarantee of origin endorsed by the Cava Denomination of Origin.

Recipes of the world paired with Cava de Guarda

Receta de Pizza vegetal maridada conCava de Guarda.jpg

Vegetable pizza

Cava de Guarda
Cava Joven Guacamole


Cava de Guarda
focaccia cava .png

Focaccia with cherry tomatoes and caramelised onions

Cava de Guarda
Receta de Poke hawaiano con atún maridada con Cava de Guarda

Poke bowl

Cava de Guarda
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