Recipes of the world paired with CAVA

Any occasion is the right time to enjoy Cava. Thanks to the different types and styles of this unique drink, you can always find a wide range of options, whether for lunch, dinner, an aperitif, or simply enjoying your moment with a glass of extraordinary bubbles. You make the occasion, served alongside your favourite dishes.

Thanks to the molecular study of aroma specialist and “Créateur d'Harmonies” François Chartier, it has been scientifically proven that Cava shares a close bond with countless ingredients, which make up a myriad flavours and recipes from around the world. It is this versatility that gives Cava its great potential as a gastronomic companion.

In this space, we suggest pairing the different styles of Cava with some of the classic recipes from five world cuisines - Mexico, Peru, the United States, Japan and the Mediterranean - so you can see for yourself.

Ideas de Brunch para Navidad maridadas con Cava .jpg
Cava Reserva

Brunch with Cava

Receta de Redondo de Ternera con panceta ibérica, ciruelas y setas para Navidad maridada con Cava de Paraje Calificado.jpg
Cava de Paraje Calificado

Stuffed topside of beef

Receta de Pizza vegetal maridada conCava de Guarda.jpg
Cava de Guarda

Vegetable pizza

Paella de pescado maridada con cava
Cava Gran Reserva


Jamón Ibérico maridado con Cava Gran Reserva
Cava Gran Reserva

Iberian Ham

Receta de pastel de cangrejo o Crab Cake
Cava Reserva

Crab Cake

Cava Reserva y Tortilla de patata española
Cava Reserva

Spanish Omelette

Receta de Pavo de Acción de Gracias y Maridaje con Cava Gran Reserva
Cava Gran Reserva

Thanksgiving Turkey

Cava Paraje Anticuchos
Cava de Paraje Calificado


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