Mediterranean Cooking

Christmas bonbons

10 minutes
4 people

This year, Christmas is unlike any other. I showed the gifts that D.O. Cava sent me, and I mentioned my idea to prepare something delicious to pair with them.

So here is a simple and pretty idea for some delicious chocolates to serve at your festive celebrations, with only three ingredients. These are ideal accompanied by a Cava de Guarda Superior Reserva Rosé.

Making these chocolate bonbons is very quick and easy.


Ingredients for about 20 chocolates
150 g almonds
220 g Medjool dates, pitted
50 g cocoa powder
Sugar-free white chocolate for coating
Food colouring to dye the chocolate (optional)


First, grind the almonds (or other nuts) and the dates (or other dried fruit) together in a blender.
Then add the cocoa powder, and mould the mix into small balls.
Finally, bathe each ball in melted chocolate (dyed, if you wish), and leave to set.

Simple and delicious!

⚡️ Alternative ingredients

Instead of dates, you can use other dried fruit such as dried apricots, sultanas, etc.

Instead of almonds, use any other types of nuts.


Delicious Martha

Marta Sanahuja is the artist behind the blog, the Instagram, and the YouTube channel, DeliciousMartha. A woman with a passion for patisserie, faithful to her aesthetic, and queen of food styling.

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