12th June 2021

International Cava Day



On Saturday 12 June join us for International #CavaDay  - a worldwide celebration of the unique allure and amazing versatility of CAVA. 

Cava’s delicious bubbles are formed naturally, as part of the traditional method, which history has shown is a formula for success.

Cava lovers know that each Cava has its own personality, from the lightest and freshest to the most complex, bone dry or pleasingly sweet – each fits an occasion, a dish, a mood perfectly. The bubbles are transports of delight, filled with joy, bringing effervescence and excitement to your glass, as you savour the perfect balance of nuances and aromas.

So pick a bottle of Cava, rustle up a delicious appetiser, pop your cork and connect with the worldwide Cava community to celebrate the dedicated wineries who work tirelessly to produce & promote your favourite multi-award-winning wines. Raise a glass of brilliant bubbles to history and expertise, knowledge and passion.


How to become part of the movement?


01. Taste Cava

Enjoy your favorite CAVA, the occasion is up to you: an apetitivo, lunch, dinner, or just your special moment that deserves a glass of delicate bubbles.


02. Entertain!

Take a photo or record a video of your perfect #CavaMoment with friends.

cava social.png

03. Get Social

Share your photos, stories, reels on social media using #CavaDay on Saturday June 12th.

Categories of Cava



+ 9 months
Cava de Guarda

Cava Reserva

+ 18 months
Cava de Guarda Superior

Cava Gran Reserva

+ 30 months
Cava de Guarda Superior
Cava de Paraje

Cava de Paraje Calificado

+ 36 months
Cava de Guarda Superior

Why not with Cava?

focaccia cava .png

Focaccia with cherry tomatoes and caramelised onions

Cava de Guarda
Cava Reserva y Tempura de Gambas Japonesa

Prawn Tempura

Cava Reserva
Cava Paraje Anticuchos


Cava de Paraje Calificado
Merluza al pesto con cava de guarda

Hake with Pesto

Cava de Guarda

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