ADERNATS - Vinícola de Nulles bodega

ADERNATS - Vinícola de Nulles

The Adernats winery - Vinícola de Nulles is a spectacular 1917 modernist winery, listed as a true Wine Cathedral. Thanks to its Mediterranean wines and large internationally-awarded cellars, it seems to be living between centuries-old wisdom and eternal youth.

Its unique façade of brick and stone draws on the village of Nulles, a small rural village in the heart of Alt Camp, near the Roman Tarragona and the Costa Daurada (an hour south of Barcelona). In a millennial wine country, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and hazels, margins and dry stone cabins, it is a small oasis where the clocks seem to have stopped long ago.

Adernats wines and champagnes, elaborated in the same centenary paintings, express this territory marked by the Mediterranean breeze and the culture of effort. One hundred years after this feat, visiting this architectural jewel on horseback between functionality and aesthetics is really amazing and rewarding. Furthermore, if you discover it through the unique and pioneering experiences of wine tourism that we propose, you can find wine and champagne glasses accompanied by exquisite local cuisine.


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