Copa Cava Copa Cava

CAVA, synonymous with excellence & versatility

Cava viñedo Cava viñedo

Origin: from the vine to the glass

Copa Cava Copa Cava

Discover how to enhance every occasion with CAVA

Why not with CAVA?

Elevate your taste buds with our delicious Cava cocktails, pairing tips and recipes to pair with Cava sparkling wine (brut, brut nature, gran reserva ...).  Discover a multitude of ways to match Cava with the most traditional to the most exotic of dishes from around the world.

Why not try Mexican dishes with Cava

Cava is an unbeatable match for the intense flavours found in Mexican cuisine. Recreate some of our favourite Mexican recipes at home including Guacamole, Tacos al pastor & Fajitas and don't miss our top tips on how to pair each dish with the various styles of Cava including Cava de Guarda and Cava de Guarda Superior.

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