Vallformosa, with more than 150 years of history, is a leading producer of wines and sparklings wines, where tradition, innovation, sustainability and differentiation coexist in all its aspects. The winery has three major brands of cava: Vallformosa, Mistinguett and Gran Barón and one of wine, Cultivare.
Vallformosa is a brand with character, is unconventional and disruptive that enjoys, in its DNA, festivity and joy, collecting moments that can become an authentic celebration.
Mistinguett is a tribute to all the women who work hard every day to make their dreams come true, just as Mistinguett did, a woman that with audacity, effort and perseverance became the most important vedette of all time.
Gran Barón, just like Mediterranean Sea, evokes gastronomy, weather and landscapes, creating the perfect mix to share with family, friends and people who have a passion for life.
Cultivare is a benchmark for culture and gastronomy, a perfect pairing to be tasted by the most demanding palates. Its unique labelling is the result of an artistic performance, which makes each bottle a true work of art.


Organic production

Types of Cava

Cava de Guarda
Cava de Guarda Superior Reserva
Cava de Guarda Superior Gran Reserva

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La Sala, 45
Vilobí del Penedès

The Wineries of the D.O. Cava

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