Finca Torremilanos (Bodegas Peñalba López) bodega

Finca Torremilanos (Bodegas Peñalba López)

Since 1903, Finca Torremilanos has been representing the essence of our region by working in harmony with our natural and social environment. We have sought out to understand our land and its dynamics, as a way to take care of our vineyards. We have nursed our soil with love and dedication to support the natural equilibrium and growth of our grapes. Our wines are our legacy, expressing the natural characteristics and high quality of our grapes and cultivating traditions. We value the land as source of life.

Finca Torremilanos owns 195 hectares (ha) of vineyards with a diversity of soils, orientation, altitude and climate. Our vineyards are heterogeneous and are composed of different terrains surrounding the estate of Torremilanos. These are located in the southern edge of the Duero River, in the town of Aranda de Duero, in an altitude of 800 – 900 meters (m). We practice agriculture without irrigation, herbicides or pesticides. We consider ourselves “Artisans of the land” by practicing an agriculture that is 100% ecologic and biodynamic.


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Finca Torremilanos
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