The Castell d’Age cellars are the original creation of women belonging to the Junyent family. Set in the Penedès countryside. Here we have been making organic wines and cavas of the highest quality, from the very start. Products, originating from the land and the rain, which aim to touch upon the high point of our sense perceptions.
Over 20 years ago, Anne Marie began to cultivate and produce our organic wines and cavas. As the new generation following in her footsteps, we have gone one step further with a move to biodynamic agriculture. A method that respects the relationship between man and earth. The results are there to be seen. There in the taste.
We started tending and caring for our vineyards over 50 years ago. Castell d’Age currently owns six estates. Located in the Penedès DO. Made up of different types of soil and situated at varying altitudes. So that each variety finds the most suitable environment, where it can express its great potential.
Finally Castell d’Age wines and cavas are produced in the bodegas just as the vines are grown in the vineyard: respecting E.U. organic regulations. Patiently.


Biodynamic production
Organic production

Types of Cava

Cava de Guarda
Cava de Guarda Superior Reserva
Cava de Guarda Superior Gran Reserva


Carretera Martorell a Capellades 6-8
Sant Llorenç d’Hortons

The Wineries of the D.O. Cava

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