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Cava Educator Advanced Level Certified (Live on-site course)

Cava , Spain
    09/02/2023 - 10/02/2023

In the following course, first live on-site, you will find and experience everything a Cava Educator needs to know: the history of Cava, the Designation of Origin, its Regulatory Council, the traditional production method, grape varieties permitted, origins and zoning, types and styles, classification, how to enjoy it, in addition to its multiple pairings and its great link with gastronomy.

This course takes a face-to-face approach, starting at the Regulatory Council with a complete Masterclass and an exclusive blind tasting activity prepared for the occasion.

Moreover, the course also includes five guided experiences at different Cava wineries that will allow you to learn the Cava basis from a practical perspective, meet the producers and see what is behind each bottle: a world of culture, architecture, history, tradition, landscape and gastronomy. At the end of the course, you will have to test your knowledge on a final exam before receiving your Educator Advanced Level diploma in the closure ceremony.

Thus, once you finish the course will know Cava inside and out, its background and types, as well as being able to recognize them in tastings, making you a true Cava ambassador.

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