From 16th to 25th September

Cava Discovery Week New York

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Cava Discovery Week Adds Sparkle to September in New York City

The acclaimed Cava Discovery Week returns to New York City from 16 to 25 September, 2022.

Restaurant partners will offer a variety of different Cavas for diners to try by the glass and pair with dishes across a wide range of cuisines, while retailers will feature special promos and discounts on their Cava selections … all so that wine lovers across the city may discover the quality and versatility of Spain’s signature sparkling wine.


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In addition to these special in-house offerings, a robust program of in-person events will take place, including multi-course wine and food pairing experiences featuring a range of Cavas and Cava-inspired cocktails.

Social media competitions and giveaways will provide digital Cava fun and education for engaged audiences online.

These activities take into account the security measures and restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic at all times, considering its evolution at a local level, and subject to possible changes due to the current situation.


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Discover the participating restaurants, retailers, and wine bars all over New York City, and beyond!

From 16th to 25th September American wine lovers’ calendars will be filled with unforgettable Cava experiences, showcasing Cava as the ideal drink for any day of the week.


Across New York City

Over 20 bars, restaurants, and wine shops have signed up to take part in Cava Discovery Week 2022.


Premium Cava Selection

Thanks to the different types and styles of this unique drink, you can always find a wide range of options, whether for lunch, dinner, an aperitif, or simply enjoying your moment with a glass of extraordinary bubbles.


Unique Gastronomic Experiences

Each participating restaurant will offer a tailored food pairing offering to accompany Cavas on their lists, featuring dishes influenced from around the world.


Discover the Essence of Cava

Learn about the origins of this sparkling wine made using the traditional method.

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