We bring the new D.O. Cava regulations closer to the general public

Fri, 17 Dec 2021 |
D.O. Cava

We opened the month of December with a light-hearted virtual meeting between the president of the D.O. Cava, Javier Pagés and the wine and spirits expert, Regine T. Rousseau of Shall We Wine.

Regine is an expert in wine communication: inspired by breaking the boundaries between beverage professionals and the end consumer, she offers unique experiences for her community of followers. This interview with the president of the D.O. Cava aimed to raise awareness of Cava, its characteristics and quality, as well as the new regulations that we will begin to see in the coming year.

The unique and distinctive characteristics of Cava, starting with the quality of the product made using the traditional method, originate in the vineyard. As Regine T. Rousseau states:

"The traditional method is a commitment to excellence. All Cavas are committed to the value of providing the consumer with an incredible drink".
Regine T. Rousseau

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, a complex, delicate wine full of flavour and aromas is achieved.

"The optimal ripening of the grapes, thanks to the pleasant climate, allows the Cava to have a lot of fruit, not sweetness, but fruit and minerality. This makes it unique compared to other sparkling wines in the world".
Regine T. Rousseau

Regine asked about the new Cava regulations and the new nomenclature of Guarda and Guarda Superior, familiarising the concepts for the end consumer. Javier Pagés, president of the D.O., emphasised that:

"The D.O. Cava is committed to sustainability and the preservation of the territory. That is why the Cavas de Guarda Superior must be 100% organic".

You can relive the live broadcast at the following link:

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