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The Cava Winemakers Salons programme brings together wineries and trade press from the US market

Tue, 14 Nov 2023 |
D.O. Cava

The world of wine is a multi-sensory experience that has remained throughout history as a manifestation of culture and art. The label on a bottle, the aroma it produces when uncorked, and, of course, its taste, are all elements that transport us to diverse places and moments. In this context, Cava has become an ambassador of tradition and quality that transcends borders.

This year, as part of the Cava Designation of Origin's promotional programme in the US market, the designation has brought together renowned trade journalists and winemakers in a series of virtual meetings, an experience that has brought various wineries closer to the market's press.

Under the title Cava Winemakers Salon, a total of three meetings were held, each of which focused on a topical subject within Cava, as well as being of interest to the media.

The first and second Cava Winemakers Salons focused on a topic that has become increasingly relevant in the world of wine: the women behind great Cavas. Three wineries participated in each of these events, in this case a total of six women from the sector who shared their experience in the sector, as well as presenting some of their Cavas to the journalists. A unique opportunity to give visibility to the women who have contributed to the success of Cava.

Screen Shot 2023-09-21 at 9.39.44 PM.png

The third meeting, the most recent one held in September, focused on two crucial issues for Cava: segmentation and zoning, which are part of the new Cava regulations, as well as sustainability, since in 2025 the category of Superior Cellaring will be 100% organic. Four wineries joined this conversation to share their knowledge and experiences, as well as to present the latest developments in the sector, and to showcase a selection of their Cavas available on the market.

The meetings were held in a round table format, which allowed for a more dynamic and closer interaction between the winemakers and the journalists, with the participation of the following wineries: Alta Alella, Dominio de la Vega, Giró del Gorner, Juvé & Camps, Mastinell, Mestres, Parés Baltà, Roger Goulart, Vilarnau, and Vins el Cep.

Each winery was able to present its Cavas during the talk, which provided an intimate insight into their winemaking processes and top selections to some of the journalists from leading US media outlets such as: Decanter magazine,, The New Wine Review, The SOMM Journal, The Wall Street Journal, and SevenFifty Daily, among others.

In addition to the fascinating presentations, another highlight of these meetings was the distribution of Cava samples to journalists. This allowed attendees to taste and directly experience the flavours and aromas being discussed, which undoubtedly added an invaluable sensory dimension to the experience.

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