Cava Discovery Museum, a journey through the magic of Cava that has captivated Japan

Tue, 14 Nov 2023 |
D.O. Cava

Art and wine culture are two forces that both inspire passion. Recently, coinciding with Cava Discovery Week in Japan, an annual event that celebrates the versatility of Cava in a selection of restaurants in the Japanese capital, a unique exhibition opened at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo. This exhibition not only brought Cava's rich winemaking tradition to Japan, but also served as a testament to the global connection that can emerge through art, gastronomy, and wine.

In the midst of a frenetic metropolis, this small oasis became a haven of tranquillity and refinement for those seeking to explore the culture of Cava and modern art. The Cava Discovery Museum not only provided attendees with a unique opportunity to taste and discover Cava, but also took them on a journey through the history, tradition, sustainability, and modernity of this delicate sparkling wine that has conquered palates around the world.


Art and knowledge of Cava in a single space

The star of the exhibition was the artistic creation of the renowned young Japanese artist "LQVE". His unique vision and contemporary approach to representing Cava made this exhibition an unforgettable interactive experience. The work captured the essence of a glass of Cava, with 3D motifs, mapping, and a sparkling sound that gave it the magic touch capable of immersively transporting visitors into the special golden bubbles.

In addition to the visual display, visitors had the opportunity to delve into the history of Cava, exploring the terroir that influences its character, and to appreciate the diversity of grapes that give life to this delicious drink, culminating with the tasting of a selection of Cavas from various categories


The exhibition served as a reminder that Cava is not just a drink, but a true symbol of the passion, creativity, and tradition that unites people around the world. This celebration of Cava proves, once again, that Cava is much more than a sparkling wine: it is a work of art in itself, a testament to the passion and dedication of those who work to produce it, and those who enjoy it around the world.

Exploring the uniqueness of Cava: Educational Seminars with renowned Chefs and Sommeliers

Within the exceptional framework of Cava Discovery Week and the Cava Discovery Museum, this year's celebration has been enriched by parallel events of great educational relevance, also held at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo. On 20 September, we were honoured to host an outstanding educational seminar for 20 renowned chefs, followed by another event on 26 September, focusing on the instruction of 30 Japanese sommeliers.

These training sessions gave participants a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating synergies between Japanese cuisine and Cava, an enriching educational experience that illuminated the versatility of Cava in the Japanese gastronomic scene.


The first training session for some thirty renowned sommeliers was given by Patrícia Correia, director of communications for the Cava D.O., who highlighted the new developments within the Designation of Origin, including the recent segmentation and zoning regulations and the commitment to sustainability, with emphasis on the category of Cavas de Guarda Superior.

The second Masterclass was given by the prestigious sommelier Mr. Takayuki Kikuchi, who shared his vast knowledge about Cava, underlining its elaboration by the traditional method, unique characteristics and, most importantly, its potential for pairing with exquisite Japanese gastronomy. For this occasion, we had a high-level selection of Cavas de Guarda Superior from the wineries Avinyó, Bodegas Sumarroca, Codorníu, Giró Ribot, and Roger Goulart.


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