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Cava becomes geographically specific

Mon, 11 Jan 2021 |
D.O. Cava

Zones, sub-zones and new categories for Cava: we have started the year with very good news.

2021 is full of new challenges, important steps to continue evolving D.O. Cava's strategy of value and excellence. This will be a key year, with the activation of the ambitious segmentation and zoning project.

The new regulations, unanimously approved by the Regulatory Council plenary last year, aim to enhance the value of Cava’s origin and territory, as well as offering consumers maximum quality guarantees, thereby demonstrating anew the assurance of superiority and excellence pledged by D.O. Cava.

Zoning allows the D.O. to highlight the production of certain areas, which offer unique Cavas due to their specific characteristics. Thus there are three zones: Comtats de Barcelona, Valle del Ebro and Viñedos de Almendralejo, and their respective sub-zones in the Comtats de Barcelona area (Valls d'Anoia-Foix, Serra de Mar, Conca del Gaià, Serra de Prades and Pla de Ponent) and in Valle del Ebro (Alto Ebro, Valle del Cierzo).

Additionally, segmentation consists of dividing the wine into two aging categories: Cava de Guarda and Cava de Guarda Superior (which includes the classifications Reserva, Gran Reserva and Paraje Calificado). This new system enables the D.O. to protect and identify more easily the individual types of Cava according to their aging, thus upgrading the sector of premium Cavas.

The D.O. has a continuous commitment to quality and differentiation: henceforth Cavas de Guarda Superior must comply with even more demanding regulations. They must be of 100% organic origin, and from vineyards over 10 years old; and those in the Reserva category, with a minimum of 18 months aging in the bottle. Furthermore, a distinctive new seal of "integral producer" identifies, and gives added value to, those wineries that carry out the entire winemaking process on the same estate.

"Exciting winds of change are blowing in the world of Cava, and the regulatory body, under the new president Javier Pagés, who took over two years ago with renewed energy and a clear vision. He has really shaken up the sector."
Ferran Centelles

This is how the renowned expert Ferran Centelles explains the recent changes in the D.O. Cava, perfectly encapsulating the exciting new developments on Jancis Robinson's website. The full article is available at https://www.jancisrobinson.com (access is limited to members of the site).

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