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Poke bowl

Receta de Poke hawaiano con atún maridada con Cava de Guarda
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Light, fruity and citric, its crisp, fast bubbles are typical of a young wine. On the palate, notes of white flowers and fruits like green apple and pear. Ideal for pairing with all types of aperitivos, salads, light canapés or seafood.
1 Hour
4 people

What is poké? No doubt you’ll have seen it on the social networks, because it burst onto the scene in 2018 and has been growing in popularity since. The dish originated in Hawaii, and some people think of it as a kind of sushi, but one that's easier to eat. 

In the Hawaiian language the term "poké" means "to cut". On the plate, poké refers to pieces of marinated raw fish, usually tuna, placed on top of rice together with vegetables and sauce. A really refreshing hot weather dish that's similar to a salad with raw fish, and served in a bowl. It's become a very popular, healthy alternative to fast food. 

Apart from the origin of its name, the origin of the dish itself is also interesting. It appears to have originated among Hawaiian fishermen, who seasoned their catch of the day - pohkay - to eat on their boats. 

Nowadays, unlike the original Hawaiian dish, poké often comes with rice or other carbohydrates as well as fish, and this is the sort of recipe that we at the Cava Regulatory Board would like to offer you.


½ kg of fresh tuna
¼ cup of soy sauce
¼ yellow onion
½ cup chopped chives
2 tsp sesame oil
2 tsp toasted sesame seeds
Sea salt
1 avocado
Macadamia or cashew nuts


Clean the tuna, removing the skin and bones. Chill in the fridge.
Once the tuna is really cold, cut into medium-sized cubes and reserve.
Chop the yellow onion into cubes, and set aside.
Chop the chives and reserve.
Clean the avocado, either slice or cut it into small pieces, and set aside. Now that all the ingredients are ready (make sure that you follow the cup measurements in the recipe), it's time to start preparing the dish.
Put the tuna in a bowl, and add the soy sauce and sea salt to taste. Mix together well, so that everything is coated with the marinade.
Next, add the onion, chives, and sesame oil, and once again mix well.
Place in individual bowls, serving the fish mixture with the avocado.
Just before you serve, top with chopped macadamias or cashew nuts, and sprinkle over some toasted sesame seeds.

Your poké can either be eaten on the same day, or vacuum packed for eating at some other time. This very special dish is delicious with just a drizzle of olive oil, or try serving with some toast and pickles. Whichever option you choose, our expert aromas specialist, François Chartier, recommends pairing this dish with a cava gran reserva (aged for more than 30 months).


Macadamias or cashew nuts: here, macadamias or cashew nuts replace the roasted or ground kukui nuts originally used in the dish. These come from the kukui tree (the national symbol of Hawaii), so they're a key ingredient typical of the area, and one that adds an authentic touch. However, in May 2012 the Spanish Agency for Medicine and Health Products withdrew the ‘India-Magicnuez’ from the market. This is a toxic nut often confused with the kukui nut, and is harmful to human health. For this reason, two options have been included in this recipe to replace it.

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