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Cava Educator Certificate 6th call

Online course
    09/01/2023 - 29/01/2023

If you have come this far, your passion for Cava goes beyond simply enjoying a glass of this sparkling wine that sparks so much passion around the world. We welcome you to an open book, in online format, dedicated to learning more about the secrets and qualities of Cava.

The aim of this course is for you to become a Cava Trainer, not only to enjoy this drink more, but also so that you can transmit this knowledge in your line of work, if you are a professional sommelier or dedicated to the world of wines; or for personal tastings and enjoyment, shared with friends and family.

In the following course, divided into 8 blocks, you will find everything a Cava Trainer needs to know: the history of Cava, the Designation of Origin, its Regulatory Council, the traditional production method, grape varieties permitted, origins and zoning, types and styles, classification, how to enjoy it, in addition to its multiple pairings and its great link with gastronomy.

Pre-enrolment: free. Open from 9th to 29th January:

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