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The aromatic science of Cava surprises at Spain's Great Match in New York

Thu, 17 Nov 2022 |
D.O. Cava

Cava is the best match for gastronomy, as stated by the aroma specialist and “Créateur d'Harmonies” François Chartier. Countless ingredients share the molecular profile of Cava, matching closely with similar flavours from around the world. The Spanish quality sparkling wine is compatible not only because of its aromatic components, but also for its acidity and carbon dioxide resulting from the traditional method of elaboration.

2022-10-12 Dagomatic CAVA Event Selects-30 copia.jpg

On 12 October, a new edition of Spain's Great Match was held in New York City, specifically in the renowned Mercado Little Spain in Hudson Yards, owned by José Andrés and the Adrià brothers. This Spanish food hall hosts many restaurants, bars, food stalls and shops.

The much-anticipated one-day event, now in its 28th year, was open only to trade professionals, specialist journalists and a selection of national wineries and winemakers in the morning and afternoon; this year, end consumers could also attend in the evening.

In addition to a tasting table with eight Guarda Superior Cavas, the D.O. Cava opened the Great Match with an educational seminar entitled "The aromatic harmonies of Cava".

A total of 70 professionals took part in the inaugural presentation, in which the renowned François Chartier, Canadian sommelier and aroma specialist, explained in detail the exhaustive research into each category of Cava, and how this has enabled the multiple ingredients that complement Cava to be identified.

The public's fascination with the perfect match between Cava and gastronomy was palpable during the presentation: as Chartier explained, ageing in the bottle highlights the impact of autolysis.

"The more Cava ages, the more complex its aromatic profile becomes," Chartier explained. More dominant molecules are produced, and along with them, the gastronomic possibilities increase.

2022-10-12 Dagomatic CAVA Event Selects-239 copia.jpg

During the event, the 500-plus attendees tasted a selection of Cavas de Guarda Superior currently available on the US market: Alta Alella, Canals & Munné, Juvé & Camps, Parés Baltà, Rovellats, Segura Viudas, Sumarroca and Vins Família Ferrer.

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