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Historic Agreement to Bolster Cava’s Prestige

Mon, 23 Dec 2019 |
D.O. Cava

A plenary session of the Cava D.O. unanimously approved a set of qualitative measures favouring consumers, upholding vineyards and the wines’ origins, sustainability, and extended ageing periods.

Vilafranca del Penedès, December 23, 2019.- A plenary session of the Cava Designation of Origin unanimously approved today a momentous and unprecedented plan to continue to fortify the most exported high-quality sparkling wine in the world. The final stage of this roadmap will be specified in the approval of the specifications’ definitive version, with this document to reflect a commitment to quality, better differentiate between the different types of Cava, and establish a system of territorial classification.

The president of the DO, Javier Pagés, explained that there is “a consensus and unity in the sector” about promoting a series of measures that defend the vineyards, sustainability, and optimal production times, after an extensive technical study carried out with the support of numerous experts recognised nationally and internationally.

The D.O.’s plenary session, at which this historic agreement was reached, is comprised, in a balanced way, of representatives of the vineyard and wine production sides of the sparking wine sector. This is an “inclusive plan” that seeks to “incorporate the great diversity of actors that are part of the Cava DO”. In addition, it constitutes a clear commitment to the quality of the whole industry, encompassing the vineyard and production spheres, “upholding the entire production chain and promoting Cava for consumers’ benefit”. Javier Pagés expressed his satisfaction with the agreement, reached unanimously, which evidenced the unity of the sector, thereby representing “a great achievement”. Despite this, the Regulatory Council underscored that the work will continue throughout 2020.

The two trade organisations expressed their satisfaction with the historic agreement reached today. The president of the Institut del Cava, Damià Deàs, stated that “the sector’s unity has made it possible to take a new great step, which will be historic”. Deàs believes that the agreement “gives the sector confidence and peace of mind”. The president of PimeCava, Pere Guilera, pointed out that the new plan is “a good strategic decision for the future”.

The agreement reached today seeks a newfound and heightened appreciation of these wine-growing territories and origins, reinforcing the already high quality of Cava with a new and very stringent complementary regulation, backed by the maximum guarantees of D.O. certifications. All this is to further strengthen quality and, at the same time, clarify purchase decisions, facilitating confirmation of all the products’ quality. It seeks, thus, to offer the consumer better criteria for information and decision-making. In addition, a consistent and useful geographic zoning and ordering system for the consumer has been created.

The D.O. is “firmly committed” to burnishing the prestige of Cava and promoting its consumption, attracting new consumers, and generating new consumption habits and occasions.

Cava D.O.

With more than 60% of international sales, Cava is the Spanish Designation of Origin that exports the most wine. Its more than 6,800 winegrowers manage over 38,000 hectares of vineyards. Its 380 member wineries are present in more than 100 countries.


(From left to right, PimeCava President Pere Guilera, Cava DO President Javier Pagés, Institut del Cava President Damià Deàs.)

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