The Cava PDO partners with the top expert in molecular harmony, François Chartier, to investigate the gastronomic versatility of Cava

Tue, 29 Oct 2019 |
D.O. Cava


The Cava D.O. and the Canadian scientist François Chartier, internationally recognised as the premier expert in flavours and harmonies, have joined forces to scientifically prove that Cava is an ideal wine to accompany flavours from all over the world, and create perfect harmonies not only with specific dishes, but with complete menus, both on special occasions and every day.

This rigorous, high-level collaboration is endorsed by the Cava Regulatory Council to advertise the qualities of Cava and to uphold it as a quality sparkling wine that can be used to create universal harmonies, meaning it can be perfectly combined with a plethora of flavours around the world.

Boasting a stellar career in gastronomic science, François Chartier will conduct a scientific and organoleptic study of the dominant molecules (the aromas) in four types of Cava, differentiated by their ageing: Cava (over nine months), Cava Reserva (over 15 months), Cava Gran Reserva (over 30 months) and Cava de Paraje Calificado (over 36 months). Chartier will determine the molecular profile of each, and relate them to ingredients and foods that share the same elements to come up with perfect gastronomic harmonies.

These ingredients and foods will be drawn from five of the world’s leading cuisines, all of them focuses for Cava: the Mediterranean diet, Japan, Peru, Mexico and the USA. The study of these five food types will be shown on a World Food Map, and will be compared against the analysis of the different Cava types in order to identify all the possible combinations and demonstrate the versatility of this high-quality sparkling wine, capable of gracing the very best tables around the world.
This alliance with Chartier, one of the world’s leading authorities on flavour and food combinations, is proof of the Cava DO’s commitment to expressing the culinary flexibility of Cava, which is the perfect accompaniment for hot and spicy foods, extreme flavours, but also for traditional cuisine, creating appetising synergies that result in new flavours, showing how Cava and cuisine combine to take things to the next level.
The results of this study will be released in early 2020.

Canada’s François Chartier, Créateur d’Harmonies. This Canadian, who currently resides in Barcelona, is internationally renowned as one of the pioneering researchers in the field of aromatic recipe creations and the aromatic harmonies between wines and dishes. World-renowned critic Robert M Parker Jr. called Chartier “A true genius!”, while Ferran Adrià and Juli Soler, of El Bulli, consider him “the top expert in flavours”. His books include Taste Buds and Molecules, named Best Cookbook in 2010 by Gourmand World.

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