D.O. Cava, Sustainable Elegance at the Future of Food Festival in London, and London Restaurant Festival

Tue, 14 Nov 2023 |
D.O. Cava

Last September marked the debut of a ground-breaking event that captivated foodies and sustainability enthusiasts, in a vibrant corner of London, between Regent Street and St. James's: the Future of Food Festival. Hosted by The Crown Estate, this inaugural festival not only promised culinary delights, but also delved into the important issue of sustainability in food and catering.

During this unique week, a total of 23 captivating experiences delighted attendees, who had the opportunity to explore the multiple facets of sustainability. Seventeen talented chefs shared their vision for a more sustainable future, while an urban farm located in the heart of the city added a practical and tangible touch to conversations about urban agriculture.


Within this stimulating setting, the Cava Designation of Origin stood out as the official drink of the festival, bringing a touch of elegance and tradition to the various activities and talks. With its distinctive versatility and sustainable vocation, Cava became the perfect choice to accompany the discussions on sustainability and gastronomy.

D.O. Cava was not simply the beverage of choice; it also played a prominent role in some of the festival's most notable events. As well as adding an exquisite touch to tasting sustainable dishes, it symbolised the wine sector's commitment to sustainability and respect for the land.

Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the richness of the selected Cavas that perfectly complemented the vision of a more sustainable food future, supported by the wineries Avinyó, Castell d'Or, Cava Guilera, Muscàndia, and Roger Goulart. Each bubble encapsulated not only the efforts of the winemakers, but also their commitment to environmentally friendly practices, something that aligned perfectly with the spirit of the festival.


In addition, as a continuation of the festival and Cava’s presence in London, Cava was the undisputed star of the "Top Ten Cuisines" series of events in October at the well-established London Restaurant Festival.

From 3 to 26 October, nine high-end restaurants opened their doors to offer unique gastronomic experiences, each paired with a distinctive Cava de Guarda Superior to accompany their tasting menu, from the following wineries: Alta Alella, Avinyó, Castell D'Or, Cava Guilera, Juvé & Camps, Muscàndia, and Roger Goulart.

The culinary journey began on 3 October at the prestigious Jacuzzi Restaurant, with the talents of chef Manuel Prota. Over the following weeks, celebrated names such as Michelin-starred chef Peter Joseph, Nigel Mendham, Alberto Landgraf, and others, delighted diners with select gastronomic offerings.

But Cava was not only the perfect choice to accompany the delicacies; it also became a key element in the paired dinners. Some of these culinary experiences saw leading local chef and restaurateur Omar Allibhoy joining in the celebration. Renowned for his culinary skills and key role in the UK food scene, Allibhoy brought his expertise to highlight the virtues and novelties of Cava.

Allibhoy, with a career spanning from his time at ElBulli to working with renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, has left an indelible mark on the London culinary scene. His presence at these paired dinners not only enhanced the flavours of the experience, but also served as a bridge between tradition and innovation, highlighting the unique qualities of Cava.

This unique gastronomic experience culminated at Lilienblum restaurant on 31 October. Cava shone as a symbol of elegance and sustainability, once again proving that it is not just a sparkling wine, but a jewel that enhances life's most exquisite moments. The London Restaurant Festival left its mark, and Cava emerged as the perfect partner for the city's culinary delights.

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