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Cava is for drinking, enjoying, inspiring… and even for reading

Mon, 24 May 2021 |
D.O. Cava

Cava has been the inspiration for many wine and literature lovers during the spring months of April and May, with our recent Short Poem Literary Competition.

We’ve had an overwhelming response, and have been delighted to discover real gems of short poetry, all of them inspired by Cava. Some exceptionally creative four-line poems; some highly inspirational, and others with a touch of sparkle and sprinkled with humour.

These poems about Cava have captivated and seduced the prestigious jury, formed by respected writer Patricia Benito and esteemed journalist and sommelier Ruth Troyano.

It was not easy to choose just one of the entries, but due to its brilliant personality and ability to transmit the qualities of Cava, and what each sip of these marvellous bubbles can convey, the following poem by Andrea García was the winner:

Acababa de rozar la esfera de tu burbuja,
suave, frágil ascendías al sol para respirar.
Acababa de besarte, un baile en copa de Cava,
efervescente, ligero al fin, libre.

Andrea García

(I brushed the sphere of your bubble,

Soft and fragile, you rose up towards the sun to breathe.

I kissed you, a dance in a glass of Cava,

effervescent, light at last, and free.)

We would like to congratulate the winner for her literary creation, as well as thanking all the participants who took part in the D.O. Cava Literary Competition.

It has been a real pleasure to read and enjoy your poems!

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