CAVA Grew in 2019 and Achieved its Second-Best Year in History

Fri, 08 May 2020 |
D.O. Cava

Vilafranca del Penedès, 8 May 2020.- Cava once again overcame setbacks last year to achieve its second-best production figures, with a total of 249 million bottles produced, representing an increase of 2.07% on the previous year.

Sales to foreign markets decreased by a barely noticeable 0.03%, almost equal to the previous year, which represented a record level of exports. This ensured that Cava maintained its strong presence in international markets in 2019, with over 165 million bottles.

The result is that DO Cava continues to be the leader in Spain in terms of export volumes, with two thirds of its production destined for foreign markets.

In addition, we can see how Cava’s popularity has increased in emerging markets like Japan (+27.41%), Sweden (+30.03%), Russia (+29.94%) and Poland (+49.79%), with significant two-digit growth, and has maintained slightly decreasing figures in historically more established markets like Germany, Belgium and the United States.

On the domestic market, according to well-known consultancy firm AC Nielsen, the consumption by value of Cava slowed by -0.5% in 2019. This slight decrease on the previous year is more positive if we consider the change in volume (-1.3%), as the trend for consuming higher priced Cava continues.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the Ecological Cava category continued to enjoy a dramatic increase in production in 2019 (+31.51%), revealing continuing consumer interest in environmentally-friendly products. The previous year also saw significant growth in Rosé Cava (+10.8%) giving this category a strategic role and ensuring it is on trend.

In summary, 2019 has been a good year in terms of production figures for DO Cava, the second-best year in the DO’s history both in general production of bottles and for exports. However, we cannot evaluate 2019 for Cava without taking into account that it was the year when the Strategic Plan was approved and actively implemented. The Plan is designed to deal with future challenges facing the sector and consolidate and expand its position as one of the most important and well-recognised Designation of Origins in the world.

Accordingly, 2019 began with the launch of a plan to reinforce the Designation’s quality control mechanisms to ensure improvement and greater recognition of the guarantee of maximum quality that the DO represents.

It should also be noted that 2019 ended with the Plenary approving the DO Cava segmentation and zoning project. The project will focus on improvements for the consumer in terms of information and traceability criteria for this high-quality product.

It will also enhance the standing of the only Spanish Designation of Origin that specialises in high-quality sparkling wines, produced using traditional methods of bottle ageing, and with new production specifications. All this is based on dedication and commitment to origin, territory, and sustainability.

In 2019, work was also done to promote Cava, raise its profile within Spain and internationally, and de-seasonalise Cava consumption to position it as the ideal option for serving with or improving the flavour of any dish, both on special occasions and for every day.

The main aim of promoting Cava has been to demonstrate that it is a gourmet drink, one that is versatile, delicious, and healthy when consumed in moderation. The DO Cava, according to its president, Javier Pagés, “assumes its responsibility as the protector of a territory, a landscape, and an economic sector. The Regulatory Board will therefore continue to support all initiatives aimed at reducing the impact of our activity on the environment, as well as helping the sector be sustainable”.

Pagés adds that,

our search for excellence must go hand-in-hand with respect for the land and the legacy that will be transmitted to the next generations.
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