CAVA Academy


Spreading knowledge of CAVA around the world

The main objective of the Cava Academy is to train professionals in the world of wine, as well as Cava lovers, to enable them to acquire a deeper understanding of Cava.

Supervised by the Regulatory Board, together with expert Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers, the Cava Academy offers a three-day programme in an exclusive training calendar. From the history and regulations of the D.O. (Designation of Origin) Cava, and how to pair and serve the wine correctly, to such important aspects as the climate and viticulture, the varieties, and the different ageing periods and categories of Cava.

Once their training at the Cava Academy has been completed, those who have attended will become true experts in the subject. This course will enable them to improve the Cava offering and experience for customers in their professional field, whether a restaurant, hotel, specialist shop or other establishment.

The first incarnation of the Cava Academy was held in London in 2018; it is now also offered in Belgium, Tokyo and New York. Since its inception, the Cava Academy has trained hundreds of Cava Ambassadors around the world.

"The Cava Academy has given me the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the D.O. Cava, as well as valuable information to translate my knowledge and enthusiasm into tools to improve my customers' experience with Cava".



The success of the programme, and the desire to spread the knowledge about Cava, has motivated the Regulatory Board to create an online training programme, to be launched at the end of 2020. The development of this new tool has involved the work of dozens of professionals from the sector, who have spent the last few months improving this comprehensive programme and presenting the online Cava Academy so that it is available to everyone.

"A real Masterclass on one of the most promising wine regions in the world that has allowed us to gain confidence in presenting their Cavas in our restaurant"