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The ambitious segmentation and zoning plan of the Cava D.O. can now be observed in the new quality labels

Thu, 17 Feb 2022 |
D.O. Cava

The D.O. Cava takes another step forward as a benchmark of quality, guarantee and traceability, with the launch of its new labels.

The new D.O. Cava labels will allow consumers to identify information about its products clearly, highlighting their richness and diversity.

Vilafranca del Penedès, 15 February 2022

The ambitious new segmentation and zoning of Cava culminates with the launch of the distinctive quality labels.

This marks the beginning of a new and innovative system for identifying each bottle of Cava, which is expected to be fully implemented in 2023, when the new seals will reach their maximum market availability.

The president of the Regulatory Council, Javier Pagés, says:

"These seals represent what sets us apart and identifies us as the authentic Cava with Designation of Origin. They offer the highest level of certification, and the only official one that guarantees the quality of the product to the consumer, certifying the authenticity of its characteristics and of the information on the label."

The president of the D.O. Cava reaffirms: "This new stage marks an important turning point that will allow consumers to select the Cava of their choice in a clear and simple way, and to explore more fully the different profiles on offer."

The new labels allow consumers to clearly identify the 3 key elements of the product:

  1. Its origin, identifying whether it is a product originating from the Cava territory, a zone or a sub-zone.
  2. Its segment or category, identifying whether it is a Cava de Guarda, with more than 9 months of aging in the bottle, or a Cava de Guarda Superior, with long aging and originating from specific vineyards specialised in producing sparkling wine, with reduced yields, and organic (100% from 2025).

The introduction of different colours for each category will help consumers to identify the types of Cava:

  • Green for Cava de Guarda.
  • Silver for Cava de Guarda Superior - Reserva (minimum 18 months of bottle aging).
  • Gold for Cava De Guarda Superior - Gran Reserva (minimum 30 months of bottle aging).

Cavas De Paraje Calificado (within the Cava De Guarda Superior category, with a minimum of 36 months aging in the bottle) maintain their current label for the time being.

0.3 The guarantee seal of the Regulatory Council, a body accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for the certification of Cavas.

Similarly, an “integral producer” label has been launched to distinguish those wineries that press and vinify 100% of the cuvée on their own property, for their own production. This label highlights the value of the elaboration being carried out entirely, from start to finish, by the same winery.

In order to offer consumers complementary information on Cava D.O. products, the new labels incorporate a QR code that allows both aficionado and expert consumers alike to easily access additional information about the product. This will include its origin, as well as information on the best pairings, or recipes relevant to the type of product.


The official presentation of the new D.O. Cava labels will take place at Barcelona Wine Week in April, thus culminating the ambitious segmentation and zoning project conducted by the Designation of Origin. Javier Pagés, its president, affirms: "It is a project born out of the desire for improvement that the Cava sector has always shown, approved unanimously by its stakeholders, and based on exactitude, guarantees and transparency for the consumer, with the aim of continuing to show the world the quality, diversity and versatility of Cava from the Designation of Origin."

D.O. Cava: commitment to origin, land and sustainability

With more than 70% of international sales, Cava is the Spanish D.O. that exports the most. The Cava industry has over 38,000 hectares of vineyards and more than 6,800 winegrowers, and its 370 associated wineries are present in more than 100 countries. Cava, which pairs harmoniously with every type of gastronomy, is made using the traditional method, with a strict commitment to origin, land and sustainability.

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