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New Cava sales record thanks to boost from the domestic market

Thu, 14 Dec 2023 |
D.O. Cava

From January to September 2023, total Cava sales have risen by 2.35%, with a notable increase of 7.65% in the domestic market

The Cava Designation of Origin has once again shown solid growth during the first nine months of the year. This was highlighted today at a press event held in Barcelona by the president of the Regulatory Council, Javier Pagés, who also pointed out the success of Cava in the context of the moment that quality sparkling wines are having globally.

From January to September, total sales of Cava increased by 2.35% compared to the same period in 2022, thanks to the sales upswing in the domestic market, which has grown by a remarkable 7.65%. This represents a new historic sales record for the D.O. CAVA. The increase has been more moderate in export markets, maintaining almost the same sales levels as last year (up 0.33%).

Germany remained the leading international market for Cava in the first three quarters of 2023, growing by 1.27%. It was followed in volume by Belgium (1.95%) and the United Kingdom (19.33%). Other notable increases in sales were also recorded among the 15 main world markets: Brazil (up a spectacular 76.29%), Poland (33.29%), France (17.69%), the Netherlands (11.38%), and Sweden (6.19%).

Javier Pagés took advantage of the meeting with the press to highlight the value of the segmentation and zoning of Cava, as well as to emphasise:

"Our firm commitment to increase its quality and prestige, and to contribute to creating more value throughout the sector's chain, from the vineyard to the winery".

The president also highlighted the commitment to the premium segments associated with organic production (Guarda Superior), as well as the new Integral Winemaker seal, which identifies those wineries that make products protected by the CAVA D.O. from start to finish, with 100% of the pressing and vinification on the property.

Javier Pagés also celebrated the impressive success of the recent Cava Meeting congress, which brought together a hundred of the world's leading prescriptors in the Comtats area of Barcelona, relaunching the commitment to achieve higher prestige and value by "instilling greater self-esteem in the sector".

The presentation of the latest economic data of the D.O. CAVA was made within the context of a lunch for the press with a menu paired with a selection of Cavas de Guarda Superior made by several women winemakers who are part of the Cava Women collective, an initiative that highlights the presence of women in the world of Cava.

D.O. CAVA: commitment to origin, land and sustainability

With more than 70% of international sales, CAVA is the Spanish D.O. with the highest exports. The CAVA industry has over 38,000 hectares of vineyards and more than 6,200 winegrowers, and its 349 associated wineries are present in more than 100 countries. CAVA, which pairs harmoniously with every type of gastronomy, is made using the traditional method, with a strict commitment to origin, land and sustainability.

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