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D.O. Cava shows resilience in the face of the pandemic and exports 71% of production

Wed, 03 Mar 2021 |
D.O. Cava

The impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic saw shipments drop by 13.62% (215 million bottles) in 2020, but online sales soared by 45%

The implementation of the new strategic plan will make 2021 a key year for DO Cava

Vilafranca del Penedès, 3 March 2021. Cava D.O. has presented its results for the 2020 financial year, demonstrating the sector's enormous capacity for resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The number of bottles produced and labelled with the Cava D.O. seal during 2020 stands at 215 million, a decrease of 13.62% compared to the previous year.

"2020 was an extremely challenging, difficult and unusual year, due to the severe impact of the global pandemic, both socially and economically. However with considerable effort, hard work, tenacity and cooperation, Cava has achieved results that have exceeded initial expectations, considering the current worldwide situation".
In the words of the president of Cava D.O., Javier Pagés

The Spanish Designation of Origin with the highest export figures

Shipments to foreign markets demonstrated the strength and presence of D.O. Cava at international level, with a fall of only 7.92% (152 million bottles). The foreign market once again gained share last year, accounting for 71% of total sales.

Germany continued to be the main country of consumption, followed by the United Kingdom (with 6.55% growth), Belgium, the United States and Japan. Growth in Russia (up 17.47%), Lithuania (16.73%), Sweden (12%), Finland (11.83%) and the Netherlands (9.93%) also stood out, with double-digit increases.

"The diversification of Cava's markets has created highly valuable goodwill that clearly mitigated the fall in the domestic market, which has been hardest hit by the pandemic," explains Pagés.

On a national level, closures and restrictions in the HORECA sector (hotels, restaurants and cafés), along with limited geographical and social mobility, have resulted in a 12.3% drop, according to data from the consultancy firm A.C. Nielsen.

The sector that has suffered the greatest impact is HORECA, with a decrease of 38.8%, while food was affected less strongly, falling by just 4.7%. The online channel, on the other hand, considering that it starts from a much lower base, evolved very positively, with an impressive growth of 44.9%.

Organic Cava is once again gaining market share, within the Cava D.O., as the number of bottles produced and labelled was practically the same as in 2019 (down 0.11%), confirming the trend that organic Cava is arousing consumer interest.

2021, a historic year: implementation of the Strategic Plan for segmentation and zoning

In 2021, the first phase of the Strategic Plan for the segmentation and zoning of Cava will be implemented, launching a plan to reinforce the D.O. Cava's means of controlling and improving the information and traceability of the product.

"This is an important step forward for the future and represents a significant milestone for the sector. Our Cavas are even more attractive and distinctive for consumers, thanks to highly demanding quality standards, the uniqueness of our territories and origins, and a total commitment to the environment and sustainability." All with the guarantee that only a D.O. can offer.
According to Javier Pagés

D.O. Cava, commitment to origin, land and sustainability

With more than 60% of sales to the international market, Cava is the Spanish D.O. that exports the most wine: its 370 associated wineries are present in over 100 countries. The D.O. encompasses more than 38,000 hectares of vineyards and more than 6,800 winegrowers. Cava harmonises perfectly with every type of gastronomy, and is made using the traditional method, with a strict commitment to origin, land, and sustainability.

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