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Cava will sparkle up every meal this summer

Thu, 18 Jun 2020 |
D.O. Cava

With the celebration of San Juan, the shortest night of the year in the Northern hemisphere and the longest night in the Southern hemisphere, coinciding with the beginning of the summer solstice, D.O. Cava launches a summer campaign with a new video.

There is a long-standing tradition of drinking a toast with Cava during the San Juan celebration. This year will be no different, even more so in the current phase of de-escalation, when we are so eager to share good times. Be able to celebrate is a desire shared by all, an awaited time and the effervescence of the Cava’s bubbles becomes a synonym of happiness.

The campaign, carried out together with the McCann agency, given the slogan ‘Designation of Origin Cava, sparkle up every meal’, offers to reposition the Cava brand as an essential element that raises any dining experience and to leave behind the hard moments of a particularly difficult year due to the COVID-19. The versatility of the Cava is unrivalled and a privilege for those who like to enjoy food.

However, the D.O. Cava, with the will to contribute to break away from the seasonal concept of drinking Cava, is aiming to mark a change of perception, and does so by giving value to this high quality bubbly produced following the traditional method. The main objectives of this repositioning are to promote the consumption of Cava in a regular way as a companion for any type of food, expanding both its target audience and its moments of consumption.

There are small details that make a difference and, in this case, accompanying a meal with a delicious glass of Cava will enhance the potential of each ingredient, creating an amazing experience for our taste buds. A unique fusion of flavours that mark the difference and will make that make a difference and make that an unforgettable moment.

The fruity profile of the Cava and the ideal cold temperature to serve it, fit perfectly with the summer season.  An ideal option that stands out for its quality and versatility.

In this way, special incidence is made to approaching a younger audience and, according to the Director of Communication of the D.O. Cava, Patrícia Correia,

presenting Cava as an accessible option for everyday consumption, which elevates both the experience and any meal.
Patrícia Correia

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