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Cava posts the best figures in its history

Mon, 27 Mar 2023 |
D.O. Cava

The total number of bottles sold was 249 million, a significant increase of 4.58% compared to 2021.

  • Domestic sales increased by 13.5% to 77 million bottles.
  • The president of the CAVA D.O., Javier Pagés, described the results as “very positive” in a year of recovery.

The CAVA D.O. closed out 2022 with a remarkable number of 249 million bottles sold worldwide. The president of the CAVA D.O., Javier Pagés, noted today at a press conference that:

“Despite the economic hardships experienced in 2021, 2022 was a year of recovery that yielded very positive results”.
president of the CAVA D.O., Javier Pagés

Javier Pagés, presidente de la DO CAVA.jpg

Sales to foreign markets demonstrate the universality of Cava and its ability to cross borders, accounting for 69% of the D.O.'s total sales. Abroad, Germany maintained its position as the top consumer (+2.22%), followed by the United States, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Sweden climbed for the first time into the ranking of the top five global markets (+35.34%), followed by Japan (+3.56%). The extraordinary reception of Cava in a monopoly market with more limited penetration such as Sweden is remarkable. Also significant was the double-digit growth in emerging markets with great growth potential, such as Switzerland (+50.36%), Brazil (+24.30%), Estonia (+22.19%) and Lithuania (+21.89%).

Domestic sales increased very significantly (+13.15%), reaching 77 million bottles. This, according to the president of the Cava D.O., “is evidence that there are more and more consumers in our country who prefer Cava”. The channel that had the greatest impact was the hospitality channel, with a notable increase of 32.3% in value and 30.4% in volume, while the food channel, with a significant increase of 10.5% in value and 4.3% in volume, follows the upward trend spurred on by the return to in-person shopping. In the sparkling wine category, in the food channel, the Cava category stands out for being the only one that is expanding in volume (Cava +4.3%, Champagne -12.9%, other sparkling wines -8.7% and Granvas -4.7%), and the fastest growing in value (Cava +10.5%; Champagne -9%; other sparkling wines +2.1% and Granvas +0.7%). The offline and online channels also stand out, trending positively in value at +10.5% and +4.2% respectively, and +8.8% and +9.2% in volume, according to data from the NielsenIQ consultancy.

The success of the CAVA D.O.'s commitment to ecology, sustainability and high value-added products with long ageing periods is showing unprecedented growth, especially organic Cava, thanks to the new regulation that indicates the year 2025 will be decisive, as the entire Guarda Superior category is expected to be 100% organic. The number of bottles produced and labelled already exceeds 32,076,000, with impressive growth of 40.70% compared to 2021, consolidating the strong demand in a category that is in a state of transition for many winemakers of the Cava Designation of Origin. These results position the CAVA D.O. as a pioneer in the integral classification of a 100% organic product category. The Guarda Superior category (over 18 months of in-bottle aging) continues its upward trajectory, with 13.22% sales growth. Among the notable trends of 2022 was also the Cava de Guarda Superior Gran Reserva, which saw spectacular growth of 10.06%, and the Cava de Guarda Superior Reserva (+13.29%). This showcases the consumers' preference for long-aging Cavas with greater organoleptic complexity.

Pagés underscored the strength of the sector, adding that “Cava has demonstrated its great resilience”. These figures represent a new historical record, reaching the highest value in the history of Cava in shipments, with a growth of 0.69%, and registering a volume of 254 million bottles for the first time.


Javier Pagés also wanted to underscore:

“The new direction and joint effort of the CAVA D.O. with the new segmentation and zoning, a strong focus on the sustainability of the territory and the production of Cava, all backed by the guarantee that only a Designation of Origin can provide”.
president of the CAVA D.O., Javier Pagés

Against this backdrop, he is convinced that 2023 will be a year when all the members of the Cava Designation of Origin, “who, through unity, seek the power to reach further”, fully commit to quality. He added that the implementation of the Cava Strategic Segmentation and Zoning Plan continues, supported by a plan to reinforce the means of control and a rigorous product information and traceability system. The new quality labels under this new regulation, showing the place of origin and product segment, are already available, allowing for a more informed shopping experience.

The press conference held today also showed that the exclusive Cava Academy program already has more than 400 certified professionals around the world, thus expanding the network of Cava trainers in various consumer and strategically important markets. As part of its communications strategy, the D.O. will continue to rely on education and on promoting Cava nationally and abroad in an effort to bolster the process of deseasonalizing consumption with a plan of actions that position Cava as the ideal option to serve with and enjoy any food in the world, enhancing it and positioning it among the most versatile quality bubblies. Javier Pagés said that:

“Proving that Cava is the gastronomic drink par excellence, with infinite versatility with all the world's cuisines, is a present challenge and one of the main goals of promoting Cava”.
president of the CAVA D.O., Javier Pagés

The Cava Protected Designation of Origin thus provides a guarantee of the terroir, of a respected landscape and an economic sector that is very much representative of our country. The pursuit of excellence must coexist with respect for the land and a legacy that will pass on to present and future generations the value of a product as exciting as Cava.

CAVA D.O., commitment to provenance, land and sustainability

With more than 70% of its sales abroad, CAVA is among the most exported Spanish D.O.s. It brings together over 38,000 hectares of vineyards and 6,200+ winegrowers. And its 349 member wineries are present in more than 100 countries. CAVA, universal harmony for cuisine, is made using the traditional method with a strict commitment to provenance, land and sustainability.

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