Across the UK with Foodies Festival by Laura Clay

Mon, 11 Oct 2021 |
D.O. Cava

Foodies Festival, the UK's largest food festival, returned to Bournemouth on 17-18 September and Chelmsford on 2-3 October. As part of the festival, the Cava D.O. organised four in-person masterclasses led by Laura Clay, president of the Association of Wine Educators.

The superb quality of Cava dazzled the attendees, and learning about its origin, the traditional method of elaboration, and the long aging in bottle gave more value to the product.

"People were very attentive in each session and were extremely impressed with the quality of the Cavas. They were pleasantly surprised by the traditional method of winemaking, once it was explained to them why it takes so long for these high-quality bubbles to be produced,"
commented Laura Clay.

Laura Clay Foodies Festival

A total of 170 people attending the different sessions on Cava were able to connect in person. Being able to share the wisdom of Cava and discover a world of flavour and quality for the end consumer made the event a remarkable success.

All the sessions took place following the current restrictions and security measures established by Covid-19 in each locality.

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