Cavas and bravas: we dare you to try sample this delicious pairing?

Mon, 20 Sep 2021 |
D.O. Cava

Usually featuring a spicy sauce, patatas bravas is one of the most popular dishes in Spanish gastronomy, and the queen of tapas in any restaurant. Cava is the perfect accompaniment to maximise enjoyment of this dish’s rich flavour and texture, as the wine’s acidity between mouthfuls is ideal to highlight the sweet and salty contrast of the potatoes, while the sparkling bubbles provide a pleasant freshness on the palate.

cavas y bravas.jpg

So says the influencer and wine professional Zoltan Nagy, along with the patatas bravas expert Edu González, better known as “El Bravas Barcelona”. With the support of the D.O. Cava, this summer they launched a gastronomic route of bravas paired with Cavas, in different restaurants in Barcelona, leaving their mark and sharing their experiences on social networks.

Their Bravas route surprises with new flavours, as each restaurant has its own recipe for this perennially popular tapa, and just like Cava, you can find distinct types and styles, from the most classic to the most unusual.

And who doesn't fancy a tapa of bravas with a good Cava? For this reason, we encourage you to try this tasty and simple pairing, enjoying your favourite bravas with a glass of Cava.

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